What is the “seduction community”

If you are looking for dating help for men online you will sooner or later come across something called the “Seduction Community“. But what exactly is a seduction community anyhow?

Well, I’ll spare you the details basically what it is is a bunch of guys on the internet talking about how to get laid! It all started off in the late 90s when the internet started getting popular and people used to go to these chat rooms or message board and so forth and talk about all types of topics… So obviously lonely dudes started talking about tactics for seducing women.

This spawned a ton of overnight experts, thousands  upon thosands of websites, blogs, forums and so forth. And then well pretty much from the beginning, marketers got involved because they saw this big hungry market looking for information, and of course a lot of these guys in the forums and so forth were happy to pay for information they thought could help them.

So guys like David DeAngelo, came along with his ebook Double Your Dating and started pulling down like 8 figures a year selling info to the hungry horny masses. hundreds of other two-bit gurus followed suit and now you can buy ebooks on everything from how to text a girl to, how to pick up girls on Facebook, and you can even pay thousands of dollars to attend a PUA (pick-up artist) bootcamp or seminar.

So it’s a massive commercial enterprise for marketers and at the same time its a bunch of guys sitting alone in their apartments on the computer debating various pick-up tactics in forums.

My advice to you, if you are looking for dating help is to try to avoid this so called seduction community… I mean there are some smart gurus with good advice, but most of it is just bullcrap that some marketer wrote to make a buck, or some silly idea some 14 yeear old kid wrote about in a forum. So ask yourself, is this really where you want to be getting your advice?

In the long run I think most guys would be better off trying to make friends with real flesh and blood guys offline who they can hang out with and learn about picking up women from the old fashioned way. Heck – even watch a movie like Booty Call or Swingers.

At least then you can have fun learning!

But don’t worry I’ll also be back to post some good dating advice for you right here on this blog. K?

Talk to you soon…



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hey everybody! My name's Chaz, and I'm just a normal guy who likes blogging, dating women, travel, and gourmet cooking, please enjoy my blog and tell your friends about it!
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