Dating help for men?

Hey out there, this is the first post on my new wordpress blog DatingHelpForMen. I’m starting this blog because while there is a ton of dating advice for dudes out there on the web, most of it kinda stinks.

What they hey I thought, I’ll throw up a free dating blog and see add my 2 cents to the mix. I don’t claim to be a dating guru or a master pickup artist or anything like that. I’m just a normal guy who has dated a lot and has picked up some good dating wisdom along the way…

I’ll be bringing you my own musings about women, dating, break ups, online dating and much more as I see fit.

Hopefully I’ll be able to provide some interesting content for you that showes a different perspective than some of the more “commercial” advice that is just plastered up all over the internet.

Men need dating help, or should I say, many men need dating help, and it can be hard to find out where you can turn to get advice that really works and is more than just a passing pipe dream.

Also, feel free to leave me a comment below any of my posts. I’d love to get a good discussion going on here so I’m not just talking to myself, LOL. No spam though please, I mean I’ve got the automatic spam blockers and what not, but it’s a pain going through and deleting out commercial messages, so don’t waste your time!

I’ve got some ideas floating around as to what I should write about in my first few posts. Maybe I’ll do some multi-post articles so you’ll have to keep coming back for more… Anyhow, not to much help for you in this post 😦 but that’s cuz I just wanted to say hi first before we’ll really get into it 😉

So, check back soon and get yourself a heaping helping  of dating help!


About datinghelpformen

hey everybody! My name's Chaz, and I'm just a normal guy who likes blogging, dating women, travel, and gourmet cooking, please enjoy my blog and tell your friends about it!
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